Event Types

Life Sciences

Through decades of producing comprehensive healthcare meetings, MGME’s global team of detail-obsessed pros knows how to ensure that everything is in place from a governance and compliance standpoint. We know the rigorous need to meet all local, state, federal and international regulations and guidelines for all healthcare meetings, whether it’s for a small advisory board, speaker training, international investigator meeting, congress or professional education conference. But we also believe that HCP meetings don’t have to be boring, either.

Sure, attendees expect relevant content from top professionals. Unique, groundbreaking knowledge, and chances for high-level networking. Not a moment away from patients wasted. But just like patients who are more than stories in a medical journal, HCPs are real people too. Our CONNECTUP Speaker Meetings to make them feel, that enable human connections, and break through at a deeper emotional level. That personal touch is MGME’s specialty.

Healthcare meetings require a team with the expertise and depth that only MGME can provide. Because while we are thinking about extraordinary new ways to share your messages… and remaining legally compliant … the MGME team is also loaded with spreadsheet gurus fluent in spend caps, reporting requirements, tracking, compiling and submitting necessary information and more. Put simply, MGME does complex better than anyone in the business.

Corporate Sales Meetings

  • National and Regional Sales
  • Product Launches
  • Incentives and Awards Trips
  • Plan of Action
  • Executive Board
  • Training
  • Investor
  • Internal Marketing and Medical
  • Trade Show and Exhibits

HCP Compliant Program

  • Advisory Boards
  • Investigator and Study Coordinator
  • Medical Congresses and Symposia
  • Speaker Training
  • FDA Meetings
  • Dinner Meetings
  • KOL Management
  • Symposia​


Fortune 100 Pharma Streaming Broadcast

Fortune 100 Pharma Streaming Broadcast

Working with a limited budget, our Fortune 100 pharmaceutical client needed a cost-effective solution to reach health care providers (HCPs) across the country. MGME setup two livestream broadcasts with live faculty members streaming to over 2000 attendees across 150 venues, nationally.
Global SMM Program for Medical Congresses

Global SMM Program for Medical Congresses

MGME is the sole provider of Global Congress Logistics providing standardization through Strategic Meeting Management to 20+ Eli Lilly global offices.
Fortune 500 Global Pharma Account

Fortune 500 Global Pharma Account

A surprise visit from the CEO, plus inclement weather made for a logistical test for the ages...