AdvaMed Releases Statement Following Riots at U.S. Capitol

By MedTech Intelligence Staff.

Following a violent day in which rioters gathered to protest the presidential election results and stormed the U.S. Capitol building (resulting in four deaths) AdvaMed President and CEO Scott Whitaker released a statement condemning these actions:

“Today’s violence at the U.S. Capitol does not represent who we are or who we should be as a nation. We condemn it. In this country, we settle our political differences by passionately but peacefully seeking changes in policy through the process established by our Constitution. The presidential election – certified by the states, the Electoral College, and the courts – will be ratified by Congress. It is now time to move forward together, as one nation, and build upon what unites us. We look forward to working with President Biden and the new Congress to advance policies that save and improve the lives of the patients we serve.”

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